Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Problem With Bear Grylls

Right now I'm sitting here on my couch, planning my next trip and watching that fool Bear Grylls break just about every survival rule in the book. Don't get me wrong, he DOES have the occasional good tip, but when he decides to set a bad example he goes all out.

Let me begin by addressing anyone new to survival camping/hiking. Survival is about just that, surviving. There is no logical reason to jump off waterfalls, climb up OR down any cliffs, or eat anything covered in feces, or swim down a stream in a freaking cave unless you absolutely have to. His depiction of survival is horribly skewed and because of it I worry too many will try and copy him. I've seen him sprint to "rescue" after supposedly being in the wild for 5 days. Yet anyone who's been camping for even a single day without food knows you will be in no condition to sprint. He portrays animal trapping like going to the grocery store and shelter building like using legos. He makes you believe that the proper way to move through the forest is at a full sprint without explaining the consequences of a sprained ankle or broken leg from moving too quickly. He acts like scaling 50ft cliffs is common place during survival, but doesn't think about the people who watch his show and actually want to learn to survive.

And despite the ease in which he handles every (staged) event he still insists on putting himself in stupid dangerous situations. On top of that he only bothers describe a handful of those situations as purposefully demonstrating what not to do. At best he's a entertaining crazy person disguised as a survivalist. At worst hes a sold out fraud who makes a living by staging most of his show while sleeping in hotels and distributing false information.

But thats just my two cents.


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  1. Yes. like after a week of little to no food (like bear) people are going to have endless amounts of energy and run wild like an animal like he does in the show...also you really can't filter water by digging a hole next to a invested mud hole to get the germs out even a little...don't germs live in mud too...? good review.